About us

RI Partners is an investment company specializing in the value-enhancing management of tangible assets.

Interdisciplinary management plays a decisive role in a property’s success. RI Partners can manage all the key value drivers in-house, thus enabling fast and efficient implementation.

Through its subsidiaries, RI Partners pursues an active value-investing strategy that encompasses all the services in the real estate life cycle.

Client groups include high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

„Our goal is to develop attractive,
sustainable living spaces –
the basis for profitable
real estate investment“


RI Partners provides all value-influencing services related to tangible asset investment – principally investment in real estate.


We are guided by the principles of value investing, giving heed to adequate risk-return profiles and appropriate margins of safety.

Development, asset, property und facility management

We actively manage our investments throughout all phases of their life cycle and across all management levels from a single source.

"Based on the principles of value investing, we create active added value for users and investors"

Active real
estate management


RI Invest GmbH & Cie. KG
Fuhlentwiete 10
D-20355 Hamburg, Germany


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